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Technology for the services provided by your field technicians to be extraordinary

We are committed to making your installation, maintenance, inspection or auditing more efficient and cost-effective.

Do you have technicians performing maintenance and installation tasks for your customers? Are you sure that their resource allocation and the route they take to reach your customers is the most cost-effective? Do your technicians arrive on time and well prepared to provide an effective customer service experience to your customers? Do you have the technology to support your technicians remotely? Is the entire process is digitalized and traceable?

In Infoavan we offer solutions designed exclusively for companies that have staff traveling to provide customer service on site, such as:

  • Installation and maintenance companies (electricity, telephony, cable, etc.).
  • Transportation companies
  • Industry and construction companies
  • Product and service commercialization companies
  • Audit and inspection companies
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These solutions are based on world-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service technology, which has the flexibility to adapt to your company’s needs to improve the planning and overall management of all your field service-related processes, automating and digitalizing from the first to the last contact.

The goal: an extraordinary customer service experience for your customers, connected and well-prepared field technicians and a management that improves your efficiency and reduces your costs.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service you can minimize response time and transfers, increase the efficiency of your technicians, ensure punctuality in scheduled appointments, improve the effectiveness in solving the problem on site, streamline inventory management in real time, create new levels of productivity, avoid costly repairs, interact with your customer proactively, integrate multichannel sales and much more.

From a large control panel you can manage the location of each of your technicians, their availability and the entire assignment plan. In this way, the client will receive the most suitable technician for the job, in the shortest possible time, with the precise information and the necessary tools to carry out the job efficiently. Goodbye to paper. Everything happens and is monitored in real time.

Through the integration of IoT (“Internet of Things”) tools and the application of predictive artificial intelligence, you will be able to anticipate incidents, stop operations and/or repair devices or machinery that could be avoidable.

In the same way, you will be able to receive suggestions of specific actions for scheduled maintenance according to, and thus offer a predictable service to your customers.

With Dynamics 365 Field Service, each technician you send to a customer will be worth an entire team. Because with Remote Assist each technician will be able to perform any job with remote assistance from another technician or work team located in another geographical location and in real time.

In this way, you can respond to your customers even in cases where it would be very costly or difficult to move a super-specialized technician to the site.

With Infoavan, you will get a tool designed to suit your needs, your processes and your company, integrated with the rest of your digitalization and automation processes and the family of productivity tools that you use every day.

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service everyone wins: the customer, mainly, but also the technician by improving the quality of their work and of course, your business by increasing its efficiency.

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Reasons to choose Infoavan to optimize your installation and maintenance service 

At Infoavan we go beyond the implementation of a technological solution, we are committed to improving the final experience that your customers receive, empowering your technicians and impacting the efficiency of your business.

We have a wide portfolio of success stories in different industries that endorse both our professional, committed and close way of working, as well as the impact of the tool on your business.

With Infoavan you will get a customized, flexible tool, tailored to the exact measure of your needs and the dynamics of your processes. And that’s not all, but, in addition, the platform is ready to integrate with the rest of your databases and legacy systems.

Our human talent team is made up of certified professionals, MVPs and technicians with extensive experience that will ensure that your tool is implemented according to best practices.

Our close relationship with Microsoft based on a relationship of trust of more than 17 years allows us to collaborate directly from pre-sales and bring you the most convenient business for you.