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From CRM to digital sales and omnichannel service

We are committed to maximizing the productivity of your business with a single tool.

We know, the modernization of sales, the new low-touch economy and new consumer channels have led your business to the imperative need to be always available. You must respond in the shortest time possible and connect with your customers -and potential customers- through the channels they prefer: traditional call, e-mail, chat, WhatsApp, social networks and more. And of course, it’s not enough just to respond, you must do it efficiently.

How to achieve this without dying in the attempt?

With a world-class platform that is capable of adapting perfectly to your business, that integrates all your day-to-day tools, and at the same time has built-in intelligence that allows you to accelerate your growth.

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From CRM to digital sales to and omnichannel service

We have the solution and the experience for you to transform and take your business to new levels..

Marketing + Digital Selling + Omnichannel platform = integral solution for your business

At Infoavan we have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for more than 18 years in different sectors, providing solutions for sales, marketing, customer service and field service.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer in a single tool: no matter what channel your customer communicates through, you will be able to respond on time, with the right person and even infer, through Artificial Intelligence, the feeling and intention behind the communication. Can you think of the efficiency and possibilities that this can bring to your business?

In a single platform you will be able to cover the entire customer journey, from their acquisition when they are not even a prospect yet, to the whole process of qualification, opportunity management, quoting, negotiation, sale and post-sale.

You can also:

√ get to know your customers better.

√ increase your sales effectiveness

√ provide a better customer service experience.

√ obtain valuable data to help you make better decisions.

√ automate, save time and costs

√ benefit from Artificial Intelligence in your business.

Solutions and best practices for you to adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology with a focus on strategic and innovative transformation of your business, is what you acquire when you choose Infoavan.

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Reasons to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Infoavan

From CRM to digital sales to and omnichannel service

Our work does not end with the correct implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, but in making sure that, with its adoption, you get real efficiencies in your business and with your customers.

This methodology goes from ideation, to the application of workshops, design, early empowerment and finally, the final implementation of the technology or technologies with its real impact on the business.

 and that has successfully implemented their products on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that add immediate value and solve common problems such as integration with call centers (CTIs), marketing automation, integration with other sources and legacy database systems in your company, among many others.

included in the platform so that you can take advantage of them, speed up your customer service and sales processes, including remotely, through 3D augmented reality.

and has been able to help in the transformation process of customers like you in multiple business sectors.


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