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Avan 365 | GSI en

Digitalize the management of internal employee requests

Avan 365 | GSI en

About AVAN 365 | GSI:

Productivity is one of the key business drivers that enables companies to maximize their value. To achieve a real increase in productivity, it is necessary to analyze and improve each process, being Avan 365 | GSI a key solution for this purpose.

The digitalization of this type of process reduces the time and resources needed to control and follow up on each request, facilitating administrative work and avoiding human error.

What is AVAN 365 | GSI?

It is the solution for the simple and comprehensive management of internal requests, which allows the user to have autonomy to make their requests, improving the experience by providing information in more detail and in real time on the status of their requests. In addition, it reduces the time and resources that must be devoted to controlling, following up on each request and improves productivity.

The AVAN365 | GSI solution is built on Microsoft Power Platform, allowing you to have all the required functionality in a single platform. Manage and track your leave requests, medical leave, or absences with a comprehensive and straightforward solution, all thanks to the Power Platform tools.

Avan 365 | GSI en

AVAN 365 | Time Tracking

Additionally, GSI integrates with AVAN 365 | Time Tracking, with which your collaborators can record their working hours, quickly, safely and easily, digitizing the entire process, and in compliance with Spanish regulations.

  • Automatic time slice input as standard
  • Management of the different schedules (summer, winter, special)
  • Automatic notice notifications
  • Management of time sheets for the approver
  • Generation of time report reports in case of labor inspection
  • User access management
Avan 365 | GSI en

key benefits

Avan 365 | GSI en

Customize your solution to your organization’s needs:

Define and customize from your headquarters, vacations, permits established by law or holidays, to the notification system and integrations with Outlook.

Avan 365 | GSI en

Organize work teams:

Manage and evaluate the requests of the personnel in your charge and plan the work teams (control of absences by date and teams, notifications of requests received).

Avan 365 | GSI en

Analyze and makes strategic decisions:

Get detailed reports and charts to aid in strategic process planning and enable managers to manage employee absences.



Avan 365 | GSI en

We have grown alongside Microsoft’s business applications, which allows us to know in detail the best way to implement Dynamics 365 to get the most out of the solution.



Avan 365 | GSI en

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Avan 365 | GSI en

We are 100% focused on Microsoft technology, offering Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions integrated with Office 365 and Azure to deliver the highest value to our customers.

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Avan 365 | GSI en


Avan 365 | GSI en