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AVAN 365 | Performance

Digitalize performance management with a simple and comprehensive solution

At Infoavan we are value creators, and through the family of products – AVAN 365 Solutions – focused on bringing agility to your business process, we are committed to making digital transformation your greatest competitive advantage. 

Over 17 years of experience with 60 certified specialists in more than 300 projects carried out, converge with effective methodologies for each sector and industry to adopt effective and comprehensive solutions that allow you to make your processes more efficient. 

In this second post in our AVAN 365 series, we share with you AVAN 365 | Performance, a simple and comprehensive solution for managing the performance of the organisation’s employees, which facilitates administrative work and adds value in strategic decision making. 

AVAN 365 | Performance

About AVAN 365 | Performance:

The main challenge of Human Resources in organizations is to contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives as well as to have an impact on the personal and professional development of employees. With AVAN 365 | Performance, you will achieve a strategic impact of proper talent management within your company, plus lead a culture change towards strategic alignment of the organization, continuous improvement, transparency, and regular and constructive feedback.

Avan365 Performance is built on Microsoft Power Platform, allowing you to collect, manage, store and analyze your data and automate your processes from a single centralized platform securely, scalable to any business logic and available from a variety of devices.


Take your business to the next level:


With Avan 365 and Power Platform we provide comprehensive and agile solutions to your business, maximizing the use of resources, accelerating the digitalization of your processes, and adding value to your organization.


Customize. Feel free to design the evaluation model that best fits your business:

Evaluation levels, Roles of Evaluators, KPI’S, Indicators, Competencies, Qualitative feedback and action plans.

Simplifies. Reduces management time and resources and is user-friendly:

Automation, easy monitoring, manual changes at any time. Minimal administrative management.

Control. It consolidates all information securely and facilitates analysis and desicion making:

Continuosly monitor the process, easily visualize decision-making information, and generate action plans.

AVAN 365 | Performance

If you are looking to achieve a strategic impact on the adequate management of talent in organizations, AVAN 365 | Performance is very possible that it is the solution you are looking for. At Infoavan we are specialists in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we put more than 17 years of experience at your service, and we are backed by more than 300 successful projects. 


Would you like to learn more about AVAN 365 | Performance or request a demo? 

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