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AVAN 365 | My Working Day

Digitalize the record of each worker's working day quickly,
safely and easily

AVAN 365 |  My Working Day

A specific functional module that is integrated with Avan 365 | GSI application.  

With AVAN 365 | My Working Day you can comply with the current regulations that make it compulsory to record the working day carried out by each of the company’s employees by using a technological solution that allows the entire process to be automated in a fast, secure and simple way, saving time in administrative procedures and reducing unnecessary costs in paper and storage.

About AVAN 365 | My Working Day:

It is a solution with which your collaborators can record their working hours, quickly, safely and easily, digitizing the entire process, obtaining greater security and control of information and complying with Spanish regulations. With AVAN 365 | My Working Day you can avoid the manual input process of the hours of entry and exit by the worker, which takes time away from your day for tasks of greater value. In addition, avoid errors in registration and delays in sending time reports.

AVAN 365 | My Working Day is built on Microsoft Power Platform, allowing you to collect, manage, store and analyze your data and automate your processes from a single centralized platform securely, scalable to any business logic and available from a variety of devices.


✓ Time savings in administrative tasks 

✓ Reduction of unnecessary costs in paper and storage

✓ Greater security and control of information  

✓ Facilitates compliance with the regulations established in art.12, section 4 c) (Part time), and art.35.5 (Full time) of the revised text of the Workers’ Act, approved by RDL 2/2015 of 23 October



GREATER SIMPLICITY: The user will be alerted, through the application, in the event that inconsistencies have been introduced according to the defined model, thus avoiding unnecessary loss of time.

ERROR PREVENTION: AVAN365 | Legal covers all phases of the sales cycle, from the detection of a lead to the opening of a file. It allows the management of calls, appointments and team tasks associated with each business opportunity.

GREATER CONTROL OF THE PROCESS: as it can be managed from an application:Filtering of outstanding requests for approval, Filtering of pending requests to be sent by employee/ month and year, Generation of the historical time report approved by employee/ month and year.

AVAN 365 |  My Working Day

If you are looking to digitize the record of the working hours of your collaborators in your company, AVAN 365 | My Working Day may well be the solution you are looking for. At Infoavan we are specialists in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we offer more than 17 years of experience at your service, and we are backed by more than 300 successful projects.

Would you like to learn more about AVAN 365 | My Working Day or request a demo? 

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