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AVAN 365 | Legal Blog en

The CRM solution designed for lawyers, law firms and
legal services

AVAN 365 |  Legal Blog en

At Infoavan we are committed to making digital transformation your greatest competitive advantage, and to helping law firms to focus their efforts on their representation and defence activities, so that they can focus on their clients.

Therefore, we share with you AVAN 365 | Legal, a solution that is part of the AVAN 365 family, for the optimization of your organization’s resources.

About AVAN 365 | Legal:

AVAN365 | Legal helps law firms to comprehensively manage communications with their clients. It facilitates the execution and measurement of marketing actions, allows integration with social selling tools such as the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, time allocation of lawyers’ hours in the correct files and, an additional module for event management, which is useful for improving the planning of the firm’s professional teams

Security is one of the essential pillars of our solutions, and compliance with legislation (progressively more complex, related to customer communications and linked to digital marketing actions and data protection), is guaranteed.


Increase customer satisfaction and revenue with Avan365 | Legal, a customer-centric platform.

Account Management: Immediate access to the necessary information always (client appointments, tasks and status of files). In addition, it offers a 360-degree view with all relevant client information on a single screen as well as integration with Outlook.

Sales Cycle Management: AVAN365 | Legal covers all phases of the sales cycle, from the detection of a lead to the opening of a file. It allows the management of calls, appointments and team tasks associated with each business opportunity.

File and Professional Management: Information on files, insertion of documents, inclusion of counterparts, team management, time allocation, professionals’ agenda, legal institutions’ agenda, counterparts’ management.

AVAN 365 |  Legal Blog en

If you are looking for a CRM solution specially designed for lawyers, law firms and legal services, AVAN 365 | Legal is most likely the solution you are looking for.

At Infoavan we are specialists in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we offer more than 17 years of experience at your service, and we are backed by more than 300 successful projects.

Would you like to learn more about AVAN 365 | Legal or request a demo? 

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