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AVAN 365 | GSI

Digitalize the management of internal employee requests with a simple and comprehensive solution

AVAN 365 | GSI

At Infoavan we are committed to helping you take your business to the next level and making digital transformation your greatest competitive advantage. For this reason, we created the family of products – AVAN 365 Solutions – focused on bringing agility to your business process.

On this occasion we share with you AVAN 365 | GSI, another of the solutions that are part of the AVAN 365 series, to digitalize the management of internal requests, a key task to achieve a real increase in productivity for the company. 

About AVAN 365 | GSI:

It is the solution for the simple and comprehensive management of internal requests, which allows the user to have autonomy to make their requests, improving the experience by providing information in more detail and in real time on the status of their requests.

In addition, it reduces the time and resources that must be devoted to controlling and following up on each request and improves productivity. The AVAN365 | GSI solution is built on Microsoft Power Platform, allowing you to have all the required functionality in a single platform. Manage and track your leave requests, medical leave or absences with a comprehensive and straightforward solution, all thanks to the Power Platform tools.


The digitization of this type of process reduces the time and resources that must be allocated to control and follow up on each request, facilitating administrative work and avoiding human errors.

Customize your solution to your organization’s needs: Define and customize your locations, public holidays and even the notification system.

Organize work teams: Manage your staff’s requests and plan your work teams.

Analize and makes strategic decisions: Obtain detailed reports and charts to help in the planning of strategic processes and allows managers to manage staff absences.

AVAN 365 | GSI


If you are looking to digitize the management of internal requests from your collaborators in your company, AVAN 365 | GSI may well be the solution you are looking for. At Infoavan we are specialists in Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, we put more than 17 years of experience at your service, and we are backed by more than 300 successful projects.

Would you like to learn more about AVAN 365 | GSI or request a demo? 

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